Chili for when it’s Chilly

Sold out last weekend of this delicious and healthy chili.

There will be a limited supply of vegan Chili for this week’s farmers markets. It contains a delicious blend of red beans, mushrooms, garlic and ancho chili powder. It’s mild and flavorful. Not a single can was opened in the making of this hearty chili.

Will also have a Cauliflower and ginger soup seasoned with Indian spices, including turmeric and garam masala.  It’s a recreation of aloo gobi (a North Indian dish). Turmeric has many health benefits including detoxification of the liver, so if you feel like something really healthy try this soup.

The signature Butternut Squash with cumin and brown butter will be available too.

See you Saturday (2/9) in Alameda, Sunday (2/10) in Montclair (check back, may need to cancel), or Tuesday (2/12) in Alameda.