New Plant-Based Soups with Interesting Flavor Combinations

Its an exciting time at Souperb! We’ve added three new delicious flavors to our soup lineup. These plant-based creations are so good that vegans, meat-eaters and everyone in between will love them. These exciting flavor combinations are perfect for any time of year!  The response to our original, premium line of soups has been amazing, so we wanted to introduce

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Spring is Here

SPRING IS HERE It’s warming up and spring brings some new vegetables to the farmers market. Naturally Souperb will be making soups this season that taste great chilled. One of my favorite spring vegetables is asparagus and I’ve created a delightful soup showcasing its bold flavor. Come on by and try the asparagus soup with leek and chervil. You’ll get

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This week’s new soup feature Turmeric, a spice with many health benefits.  It is said to be  one of the most potent anti-inflammatories found in nature.  There are also claims that turmeric detoxifies the liver and elevates mood.  Turmeric is a common spice found in Indian curries and is available in Naturally Souperb’s Lentil Curry soup.  Come by the market

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Chili for when it’s Chilly

Sold out last weekend of this delicious and healthy chili. There will be a limited supply of vegan Chili for this week’s farmers markets. It contains a delicious blend of red beans, mushrooms, garlic and ancho chili powder. It’s mild and flavorful. Not a single can was opened in the making of this hearty chili. Will also have a Cauliflower and ginger soup seasoned with

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Go 49ers

Going to a super bowl party and want to bring something everyone can enjoy? Come by the market and pick up some of the best ever Vegan Chili. It’s hearty and delicious with red beans, flavorful spices, and mushrooms. You’ll please everyone with this meat-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free bowl of healthy goodness. If chili isn’t your thing, I’ll also have

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This week’s soups

I’ll be at Alameda from 9-1 on Saturday 1/26, Montclair 9-1 on Sunday 1/27, and Alameda 9-1 on Tuesday 1/29 with these three delicious soups. Spinach with potato and roasted garlic, finished with freshly grated nutmeg. A vegetable broth based minestrone made with garbanzo beans (not canned), kale, caramelized onions and seasoned with a touch of fennel and oregano. Butternut

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