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Really unique flavors + Really healthy veggies + Really convenient = Scrumptious Souperb Soups

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Velvety butternut squash seasoned with a touch of cumin.


Sweet carrots balanced with nutty pistachios for a note worthy depth of flavor.


Creamy cauliflower combined
with fragrances and flavors of a mild Indian curry.


Hearty broccoli harmoniously blended with almonds.

Heart-healthy black beans combine with cactus in this fiber-packed goodness.

Tomatoes combine with fennel seeds to make the perfect grilled cheese pairing.

A savory combination of red peppers with the slightest sweetness of corn.

Freshness you can trust

Only the Good Stuff! Our soups contain quality, identifiable ingredients.
Check Out our ingredient list.

Vegan? Try our delicious Carrot with Pistachio and Tarragon

These soups are not only nutrient-dense, but delicious! Crafted with simple and wholesome ingredients that you can actually recognize and less sodium than traditional store-bought soups. Pair it with a salad or sandwich and you've got yourself a balanced meal that is both filling and delicious! These soups also freeze well. Buy a few and throw a couple in the freezer to have a nutritious lunch or dinner on hand at all times!

Emily ChampouxRegistered Dietitian at Perform for Life in San Francisco, CA

You make the best soup on this planet.

Heather L.San Francisco

Souperb soups are better than any soup I’ve had in a five star restaurant.

Bill A.Fremont

I just had a big bowl of your wonderful soup! I'm hooked!

Mary E.Alameda

These soups are so satisfying and delicious. My little guy couldn't stop licking the spoon!

Priya T.San Francisco

I crave the butternut squash soup as I know it's so healthy for me and it tastes heavenly.

Gloria K.

I like the broccoli soup because it has that taste of good stuff.

KylaAge 8

Fresh, wonderful, healthy soups.

Joana W.

Our Story

Souperb is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. The soups are all handmade in small batches in a professional kitchen. Souperb opened for business in February 2012 by Joanna Terry. Here is her culinary story.

Family Tradition – Joanna comes from a family committed to feeding the hearts of friends and family with delicious, fresh food. Her grandmother, Myrtle, owned a restaurant in a small farming town where farm-to-table was a daily custom. Farmers would drop their fresh vegetables at the door of the restaurant and Myrtle would create mouth-watering dishes for the town.

Professionally Trained Chef – Following her heart, Joanna pursued a professional career in culinary arts and attended culinary school in San Francisco. She developed her skills and enjoyed learning to cook international cuisines.

Made with Love– Joanna grew up eating homemade soup and loves the aroma of a stock simmering on the stove top. Soups provide the perfect canvas for creating a harmonious blend of flavors. She desires to make healthy soups for busy families, overworked professionals, food lovers and anyone else who appreciates a delicious bowl of soup made from scratch.

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